What are your fishing plans this summer?

Angler summer fishing
Summer fishing
Why not make the most of this summer by encouraging your non-fishing family and friends to join thousands of other new anglers at one of more than 300 National Fishing Month events. Keep the kids happy in the holidays with a free junior licence and go to one of the Angling Trust’s many junior fishing events. Get out there and get fishing!
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Enforcement Officer
Close season enforcement
The close season is over and coarse fishing on rivers is in full flow. Our enforcement teams, alongside the Angling Trust’s volunteer bailiffs, were hard at work during the close season. They reported 87 close season offences during the first 10 weeks of the annual restricted period for coarse fish. Officers undertook 729 targeted patrols, also detecting 115 other offences, mainly unlicensed fishing, but also removed several illegally set traps.

Remember to check the rules for freshwater fishing and to make sure you are fishing with the correct licence.

Get a fishing licence
Anglers by the riverside
Fisherman’s friends
We can’t do all the things we do to protect and improve fisheries and angling alone. Did you know that we work closely with many different partner organisations? Over the next few months we’ll be looking at what some of them do and how this fits into the bigger picture.

The Canal & River Trust and the Angling Trust, 2 of our key partners, have recently teamed up to develop a programme of angling participation. This is vital if we are to get more people fishing. Read more about the partnership here.

Dead fish
Watch out for fish in distress
Now that the weather is warmer, we ask you to help us to keep an eye out for fish in distress. Hot weather and low rainfall can cause a drop in water’s natural oxygen levels and result in fish death. If you see dead or gasping fish please tell the fishery owner and report it to our incident line on 0800 80 70 60. You can read about spotting fish in distress and how we can help minimise the impacts.

We would also like to remind you to check, clean and dry your nets to help us stop the spread of fish diseases and non-native invasive species.

Check, clean, dry