The Lower Wear Pilot Catchment Plan

Hello All!

This is your opportunity to inform the Aspirational Actions to improve the Lower Wear!

This is an opportunity for all, not just those who lead work on the river.

The Lower Wear Pilot is developing a shared Catchment Plan to improve and protect water quality. Aspirational Actions will give the Plan an understanding of the priorities,  opportunities and limitations on the Lower Wear. You can find the draft aspirational actions in the attached spreadsheet on the second tab.

We need your input on:

·         Which actions are a priority to you and why

·         What resources might be needed (resources could include volunteers or message sharing)

·         What resources could you contribute

·         Which actions are NOT a priority for your organisation

·         Which actions are associated with risks

The Workshop on Monday 29th October, 09:30 to 13:00 will be a forum to discuss the actions.


If you are attending the workshop please come prepared with your thoughts on the actions. Please confirm your attendance to George at if you have not already done so.


If you are not attending and have an opinion on the Lower Wear please send your comments to George at


Your views are very important to the success of the Lower Wear.


What: The pilot Development Group will stage a workshop to review aspirational actions.


When: Monday 29th October from 9:30 to 13:00.


Where: Environment Agency, Tyneside House, NE4 7AR