Salmon & Sea Trout, Dead & Dying in our rivers.

There have been multiple reports of dead and dying salmon and sea trout mostly in the Coquet but also some in the Tyne, Wear and other rivers.   We are aware of the issues and are liaising with colleagues from other areas as well as staff at our National Fisheries Laboratory.  Similar reports are being received around the UK.

Although of concern, the reports are not unusual, and these issues do occur sporadically. The likely cause is environmental factors leading to increased stress and susceptibility of the fish to natural pathogens.


The attached information leaflet, (HERE). prepared by staff at the Laboratory, gives some more information.


At this stage, we are asking anglers to read the advice given in the attached briefing and report where infected fish are seen.  Although there is little we can do to reduce the impact, we are keen to understand any common factors or any patterns that may begin to emerge.


It is worth noting that although it is a concern, the proportion of the overall run affected is relatively small.


Kind Regards,


Robbie Stevenson

Fisheries Technical Officer

Northumberland, Durham and Tees Area