Salmon and sea trout stocks are under threat and need your help


Salmon and sea trout stocks are under threat
and need your help


The Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales, with the angling and salmon conservation bodies and rivers trusts are urging salmon and sea trout anglers to follow the latest advice ‘Catch and Release for Salmon – An Anglers Guide’.

Last year’s catch and release rate of rod caught salmon is already the highest on record, at 69%, which is great. However, we are asking you to help to protect your sport and fish by encouraging even more people to adopt these practices.
The latest assessments of salmon stocks in England and Wales show a
continued decline. Reports from many rivers indicate that runs of salmon
and sea trout are reduced this year. Combined with the recent long spell
of dry weather, this makes it more important than ever that anglers release
as many fish as possible after capture so that they can go on to spawn. 
 High water temperatures can place greater stress on rod caught fish and so
you might also consider whether to continue fishing when the water
temperature exceeds 21 degC. On the Hampshire River Avon, for example,
some fisheries cease fishing if the water temperature at 9 a.m. reaches
19 degC.
The Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales are continuing to
monitor the situation and working with our partners to address the other
problems affecting salmon and sea trout stocks. We will tell you more about
this work in another e-newsletter later this summer.

Remember to send in your catch return at the end of the season. This is very
important to us in monitoring and managing fish stocks. You can also
now do this online.

This message is supported by the Angling Trust, the Atlantic Salmon Trust,
the Institute of Fisheries Management, The Rivers Trust and the Salmon & Trout Association.
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