For any prospective member wishing to join the club, you must join the waiting list and you will move up as those applicants at the top of the list come off. There are two sections to the list and those applicants living within the old Chester-le-Street District Council boundary will have priority over those living outside the area. To put yourself onto the waiting list, you need to phone Mr L Atkinson on 07592 859772 or email via the contact page, with your name address & a contact Ph number.

 Then, in late March, in the season you are applying for, if there are any membership vacancies, you will be contacted  and invited to send in the Full membership fee, (details below), plus a passport size photograph which will be copied to your membership card.



Please Note:-

Applications delivered to the Subscriptions / Treaurer’s house, by hand, will be rejected.


Senior Gents / Ladies, (over 16)                                          £130.00 + £50 Joining fee for new applicants.

Family membership                                                               £150.00 + £50 Joining fee for new applicants.
Concessionary membership                                                £105.00
Park membership                                                                  £40.00
Intermediate membership                                                  £30.00
Junior membership, (16 or Under)                                    £10.00