Meet the Angling Trust Team at the British Fly Fair International 2015

Coming Soon: British Fly Fair International onSaturday 7th and Sunday 8th February

Meet the Angling Trust Team at the

British Fly Fair International 2015

Come to the British Fly Fair and meet the

Angling Trust team to find out the latest on

cormorants, our campaigns and get a free

fly tying lesson…

Saturday 7th February:
Richard Bamforth
Cormorant and Fishery

Management Advisor
for the Angling Trust

Come and talk to Richard

(on Saturday only) about the issues

around fish eating birds and to

get advice on other predation problems.

Our three new Fishery Management

Advisors (FMAs) have been visiting

fisheries throughout the country

assisting those that wish to take

advantage of the new one-year trial

of an area-based approach to cormorant

management. Help is available with the

planning, application and co-ordination

required for the area licences as well as

helping to monitor the system. FMAs

will also be available to assist those that

wish to apply for a licence for the first


> Read more about our FMAs

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th February:
Mark Owen
Head of Freshwater for the Angling Trust

Come and speak to Mark on Saturday and Sunday about the freshwater issues in your area.

Mark Owen is the Angling Trust’s Head of Freshwater and leads campaigns on behalf of anglers on issues such as protecting the UK’s waterways from Invasive Non-Native Species. Mark gives advice to our members on all freshwater issues pertinent to angling and can inform anglers about the work of the Environment Agency in this area. As well as this, Mark posseses a wealth of information on over predation of fish stocks and fish related disease. Mark also manages the Angling Trust’s Enforcement Team and within this role, oversees our Voluntary Bailiff Service and Building Bridges With Migrant Workers projects.

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th February:
Danny Williams
Regional Officer for the Angling Trust

Come and talk to Danny about how the Regional Officer for your area can help you, your family, your club or fishery with funding for angling projects or to get more involved in fishing.

Danny will be tying flies on our stand and will be joined by our volunteer Bruno Vincent to illustrate the essential basic skills of Tenkara Tying for beginners and *Kebari flies as well as tips and tricks for the fly tyer.

As part of our development team’s Regional Officer staff, Danny works with key partners and aims to establish an infrastructure to develop the sport of angling within his region. This includes working with national, regional and local angling and non-angling organisations to increase participation, increase club membership and support clubs, increase the numbers of qualified, licensed and active angling coaches and provide more recognition and support for the development of angling.

Website and Venue Location

The British Fly Fair International still attracts the best demonstration tyers from around the world and quality trade stands. Tying, casting, rod building, fishing techniques and entomology are all there to be discovered. Please forward this email to a friend and encourage them to come along, enjoy the show and join the Angling Trust.

More info at

Venue: Staffordshire County Showground, ST18 0BD

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