Fishing for everyone.

A fishing licence for everyone

Different people fish in different ways and for different reasons. We have done our best to understand this and reflect it in the types of licence we offer.


You may be a junior (13-16) entitled to a free licence, or a carp specialist in need of a third rod, or a senior or disabled angler entitled to a discount, or someone who only ever fishes once a year. Hopefully one of our many kinds of fishing licence is just right for you.  

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Anti-social angling

We’ve all seen rubbish left on the bank. It’s unsightly, it can harm wildlife and it’s anti-social. If you want to help in the fight against litter and help the environment, why not do a mini litter pick to leave your fishing venue even nicer than you found it? Check out the Angling Trust’s Take 5 campaign for more information.

Take 5

Invasive species survey

The Angling Trust have teamed up with University College London to undertake a survey looking into angling and invasive species. Its aim is to understand where anglers go fishing and what is generally known about invasive species. The findings of the survey will be used to provide better advice on how to tackle and stop invasive species being spread.

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Environment Agency social media

Lots of our staff from all across the Environment Agency are active on social media. You can visit our national Twitter and Facebook pages to see what we’re up to, or visit our regionally-focussed twitter pages in the north east, north west, south east, south west, anglia and the midlands.


Salmon close season

With the salmon season winding up we look back on what was perhaps not the most memorable season for salmon and sea trout anglers. Many clubs stopped fishing on their rivers to protect fish from the high temperatures and ensure as many as possible went on to spawn. Thank you to everyone who responded positively to this voluntary practice.


Don’t forget that close river season begins at different dates on different rivers. Check when your river closes for salmon and sea trout fishing at GOV.UK

Salmon river close dates

Get Hooked on Fishing

We work with over 50 partners to safeguard and develop angling. Get Hooked on Fishing (GHoF) is a great one. GHoF provides fun activities around angling for young people. It runs schemes across the country, teaching kids about all kinds of fishing.

Find out more about GHoF and the work they do to support the future of angling. You might even want to give a bit of time to help out.


Fungal infections in fish

Over recent years we have received increased reports of salmon and sea trout showing Saprolegnia infections. This fungal-like condition is naturally occurring and low level infections are completely normal to observe. Heavier infections can, however, appear unsightly and have been linked to significant fish losses on some rivers.

We continue to monitor the status of Saprolegenia in our rivers, and are working with Cardiff University on a partnership project to help improve understanding of these infections and the factors linked to increased disease levels. If you see signs of fish in distress please report it to the EA incident hotline: 0800 80 70 60.