Fish Legal Update 5th March 2014

It’s been a tough month for the Environment Agency – having been used as a political football in the “to dredge or not to dredge” debate – but Fish Legal has uncovered serious nationwide failings in the regulator’s response to pollution-related fish kills.

Using the Agency’s own data, Fish Legal has shown that its fisheries officers – those with the expertise to properly assess the extent and full impact of a fish kill – are often not involved in the follow-up investigation.

Furthermore, the Agency has not been consistently and properly responding to, or recording, fish kill incidents.

This contravenes the Agency’s own internal procedures and undermines its regulation and enforcement function.

A Freedom of Information request made by Fish Legal last year sparked an Agency-wide review of their performance in this area in 2013 which exposed these and other failings.

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Fish Legal will be pushing for a credible plan to implement the recommendations coming out of the audit before the Agency presents its solutions to the England Fisheries Group in the near future.


Tell us your experiences:

Have you reported a fish kill to the Agency? Did they survey the fish stocks?

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