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Bird and wildlife safety: keep your tackle tidy

Anglers are brilliant ambassadors for the environment, wildlife and nature. We’re appealing to you to help us and our partners at the Angling Trust, and care for birds and animals by keeping their habitat free from litter – and that includes fishing tackle.

While discarded bits and bobs may look insignificant to you, together they mount up, causing an increased risk of agonising harm or death to creatures living on or near the water. Just a couple of minutes to tidy up your fishing patch before you head off home is a great help – follow the Angling Trust’s advice and learn more about wildlife safety.

Please encourage anyone you see acting irresponsibly to do the right thing and clean up when they’ve finished fishing.

Tidy tackle tips
Look out for fish in distress

High summer is a time when fish are at greatest risk of becoming physically distressed. A common cause is lack of oxygen in the water, but there are other reasons too – Read Fisheries Officer Darren Wilson’s blog on fish in distress.

The key signs to watch for are fish gasping at the water’s surface or unusual behaviour, or an odd look to skins or fins potentially signalling a health problem. And green or blue tinges to the water may mean a build-up of harmful algae.

If you think fish are suffering, please tell the fishery owner as quickly as you can. And if you’re fishing on a river, contact our incident hotline 0800 80 70 60. We may be able to save the fish from harm.

Learn more about fish in distress
See fish in distress? Call 0800 80 70 60
Report a catch return
Online catch returns: the easy way to log as you go

As salmon and sea trout start swimming upstream to spawn, fishing enters its busy half of the season.

We ask all anglers to please remember to fill in your catch reports. The easiest way is to create an online catch return. The instructions are simple to follow, and the big advantage is that you can enter catch details as you go rather than all at once at the end of the season.

As part of your licence conditions, you must complete a report even if you did not fish or catch anything. The information you supply plays a crucial role in our fish population and stock protection work.

Report your catch return info online
Darren Birch
Meet Darren Birch, our champ for angling equality

Darren Birch from the Angling Trust is our National Lead for Equality in Angling. Part of his work involves connecting people and groups with our Angling Improvement Fund, which we’ve set up using money from rod licence sales. It helps clubs or fisheries interested in upgrading their disability access.

He’s also passionate about getting more disabled people hooked on fishing, and is busy forging links with health and disability networks. Read more about Darren’s work in his blog.

Read about Darren’s work
for angling equality
Learn more about the
Angling Improvement Fund