Cong Burn Projects

We have now finished our third project on Cong Burn, all of these projects were funded by the EA.

Our first project at Pelton Fell Nature Reserve, involved removing an old Coal Bard settlement weir, then installation of baffles inside Waldridge culvert finally onto Edmondsley Culvert where again we installed baffles. (dates to be added here & link to gallery)

Our second project again at Pelton Fell Nature Reserve involved making a sump  system to collect high ochre mine water & then divert this water into reed beds formed in the second & third stage of this project. This stopped the water flowing directly into Cong Burn. High Ochre water “red or orange” looking leaves rusty looking sludge in the water & on the river beds. This reduces oxygen levels & disrupted the life cycle of river invertebrates, also stopping potential fish breeding.  (dates & other details to add here) A photo gallery of the project can be found here

Our third project at Holmside, involved installing baffles inside the culvert & on the exit steps, then forming a rock pool below the steps . Also opening up the area to allow more sunlight into the pools. A photo gallery of the project can be found here