Cong Burn Fish Pass

Cong Burn Project Work


Because of damage after the recent floods on the river Wear below Cong Burn. We need to clarify who did what work.

There have been several mentions recently in EA bulletins & also in the Project gallery section posted on this website, as to the project work undertaken by Dave Lockey & Lloyd Atkinson on behalf of CDAC. Awards have been given along with praise by the EA & The Wild Trout Trust (WTT).

One of the projects received £1000 from the WTT, this money was later incorporated into another project on Cong Burn further upstream at Holmside. (We hope to get a photographic presentation together to put into the Project gallery on the website).

We have received many derogatory comments from members on the bank side, after the AGM and also in emails sent to the website. Complaints about the damage below Cong burn on the main river Wear at the “Long Pool”. Ranging from “why don’t you repair the damage you have caused, to, why don’t you spend the prize money you received” People at times are being portrayed as a pariah, so let’s set the record straight.

Dave Lockey, Lloyd Atkinson & CDAC had nothing at all to do with the fish pass & rock ramp installed on the lower section of Cong Burn, between the A167 road bridge & the Wear confluence.  The work was carried out & is the responsibility of “The River Wear Trust”.

It has already been proposed to have a volunteer work party by the members of CDAC to try & move some of the excessive rock, now forming a large bar below Cong burn. Weather & river levels are the defining factors as to when this can happen. Please keep an eye on “Bulletins” as to when this will happen.

The club will incur the costs of this work without malice, by the usual means of giving all members that attend a small nominal discount from the following year’s membership.