CDAC water closed to all members

A copy of the recent newsletter sent to all members is below,

For many weeks now, the UK has been under a clear and unequivocal lockdown policy implemented by the Government.

We have had advice from the Angling Trust.

We have also had advice from the Environment Agency.

The Government has made certain stipulations as to how, when and why the public may venture outdoors and further clarification, in respect of angling, has been added by both the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency.

Whilst daily exercise has been deemed as an acceptable and permissible form of outdoor activity, it has been emphasised that Angling is classed as RECREATIONAL and therefore NOT an essential or justifiable form of exercise.

Many disagree with this but have heeded the advice for their own safety as well as for the safety of others.

Links to advisories are posted on the Club’s website.

Until now, the Committee has found no need to enforce the closure of CDAC’s waters to its members, the assumption being that ALL members would be mature enough and sensible enough to use common sense and courtesy and abide by the stipulations imposed.

Thankfully, the vast majority of members have done so and for this, the Committee thanks you.