Catch of the day

Catch of the day Cong Burn beat 10th Sept 2018

A member of CDAC found time to get on the river today. He crossed the river to fish the Long Pool on the Golf course side. When going to the steps on the middle peg, he was met by a half empty plastic Coke bottle, an empty container of Aniseed Hemp & a plastic bag that had held Halibut pellets.

Would the member like to tell us if they caught any Barbel & to let an official know the next time they go fishing, so we can arrange a speedy collection of ‘their’ rubbish?

This may seem trivial, but if our Riparian or Golf Course employees see this they will report us (CDAC), this could result in CDAC losing the water. All members sign a form to abide by the rules & regulations.Nothing too extreme, but even if it were not in the rules book, who takes items onto the river to fish,then leaves the rubbish on the bank side in clear view of the public. What if officials of the club didn’t

run around after them? Please take your litter home, if you see other peoples litter, please find the time to also remove it. If we lose the water because of such a trivial event don’t come running to us complaining.

The member decided to cross back over to the left bank & found the remnants of a fire by the riverside.

Now totally sickened off by the things seen, he went back to his car in Cong Burn car park. After doing a quick litter pick, (results are in the first photo), he collected several empty larger cans, several empty half bottles of whisky, pop bottles, sandwich rappers & various food wrappers, along the hard area edge where members park. The same comment as before, if Joe Public or Council officials see the excessive litter, we could lose access to a valued secure car park.