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CDAC AGM 2016 Proposals

To all members, below is an update for the 2016 AGM The 4 Committee proposals:- 1. When bait fishing, only one hook, (single, double or treble), is to be used at the terminal tackle. The…
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Wear Anglers Association (WAA)

A notice to all CDAC members. CDAC resigned as members of (WAA) on the 8th October 2016. Further information regarding this decision & the reasons why will be posted in the near future.  

DCAC Open Fishing Match, 13 November:

  D.C.A.C. are holding a open match this Sunday, November 13th, all are welcome. The match starts at 10-30 with the draw and finishes at 3-30 with the weigh in. Cash Prize to best weight, entry fee £10. Water…
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