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About Our Club

About Our Club

Formed in 1935, Chester-le-Street & District Angling Club started with very little water but we now have almost 10 miles of double bank fishing.
The River Wear is now officially classed as the second best Sea Trout river in England and fish weighing into the teens of pounds are not uncommon.

Salmon, too, are caught each season, some weighing-in over the 20lbs, (9kgs), mark.
A lot of water has passed under the bridge since those ‘heady-days’ of 1965, the first year with a declared Salmon rod catch of TWO!!

The declared Sea Trout catch for that same year was 658!! Wowww!!

 It doesn’t end there! Coarse fishing is excellent, too, with Barbel, Bream, Chub, Dace, Gudgeon, Perch,  Roach, even Pike and not forgetting Grayling to be caught. Barbel, well into double figures, are caught each season.

The Environment Agency River Wear fact file reports that, “The River Wear at Chester-le-Street is popular with coarse anglers and large catches of Dace are not uncommon”.

Well, we can add that large catches of Chub, in fact every coarse fish listed above, are not uncommon!


The Club’s Water

The Club’s Water

On the right bank, Chester-le-Street & District Angling Club has licence to fish the River Wear from just above Finchale Priory footbridge, downstream, to Low Cocken Farm, then from Red Rocks, downstream, to Newbridge, just north-east of Chester-le-Street town centre.

On the left bank, the Club has licence to fish from Red House Gill, (just west of Finchale Priory), downstream, to Low Cocken Farm, then from Bostley Wood, (opposite red Rocks), downstream, to Bog Wood, then from Crichton Avenue, downstream, to Newbridge.

A general map of our fishing is shown above.

More detailed maps are shown in the “Club Water tab”

 The Club has licence to fish both banks of the River Wear, virtually covering all the way, downstream, from Finchale Priory to Newbridge at Chester-le-Street.

Club beats and boundaries are shown on the maps below.

A map is also provided showing the boundaries for day-ticket holders and the location of fishing platforms in the Chester-le-Street Park area.





Membership of the Club is limited to 230 Full members.

Park members & Junior members have no limit and can join anytime throughout the year.

For Full membership, you need to contact the Subscriptions Secretary, who will put your name on the waiting list.

More details are found in the “Club Info” tab, sub. section ‘Membership’.

At the EOGM held on Sunday 5th Feb at The Cornerstones Building, the members present 118, voted 102 in favour of the formation of the new committee, 14 against; with two abstentions.

The new committee will be at work from Monday 6th Feb and will endeavor to get 2017 membership paperwork printed As Soon As possible. The closing date for current members to re apply will be 18th March. After that date if places are available, people on the waiting lists will be invited to join.

All subscriptions will have to be paid by post in 2017. Two methods are available;

Either a cheque sent to Mr Tully (Ph number in your rule book), along with a completed/signed application form.

Or via BACS,

Contact Mr Tully (phone number in your rule book),  to get bank details of where & how much to pay. An application form can be posted to Mr Tully or an electronic version can be posted via the website contact page or direct to

An application form will be available for download from the website, a link will be on the contact page or via the “Club Info tab/downloads. Or direct from HERE

In the meantime any 2016 member who wishes to fish the Club’s waters may do so but must be in posession of their 2016 membership card, up to 18th March, after that date members must be in posession of a 2017 card to access CDAC waters.


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